Ryan Lochte: Reality TV Show in the Works?

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Ryan LochteWould you watch it? First Ryan Lochte wants a girlfriend now he wants his own reality TV show too?

It's more like reality TV wants him!

The U.S. Olympic Swimmer has had nothing but opportunities knocking on his door since stepping foot in London so it makes sense that an infamous Ryan reality show could possibly be in the works.

The Hollywood Reporter is saying that Ryan's agent admitted that not only has he had tons of endorsement offers already but he has had a TV show offer too. Although nothing is permanent yet, he says it's something that could happen in the near future.

We definitely think Ryan's cute enough for TV, even though he pees in pools! And someone should seriously tell him to never say "jeah!" again.

Would you watch Ryan's reality show?
Yes! He's awesome!1 (33.3%)
No, probably not.1 (33.3%)
I'm not sure!1 (33.3%)

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