"Selena Gomez" is Banned From Facebook, Because Her Name is Selena Gomez!

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Selena GomezDo you know someone with the same name as a celeb? Selena Gomez has been banned from Facebook!

We aren't talking about the Selena Gomez you guys know and love, we're talking about Selena Miranda Gomez, a teen who has been banned from the social network for being inauthentic and accused of impersonating someone else!

She's obviously not trying to portray the REAL Selena Gomez, she just wants to have her own social profile!

L-O-L! What a mess!

Selena M. Gomez has reached out to FB and unfortunately, they haven't fixed the situation yet.

This isn't the first Facebook celeb-same-name ban! A lawyer named Mark Zuckerberg was recently banned from the site for the same reasons as Selena. And how about that guy named Justin Bieber who continually got phone calls for The Biebs?

Do you know anyone who has the same name as a celeb?


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