P. Diddy: The Next 'American Idol' Judge?

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It's true, the peeps over at American Idol have their eye on one guy to fill Steven Tyler's spot and it's P. Diddy!

They want him that's for sure, but FOX might not be able to pay him what he wants. They just dished out $17 million to Mariah Carey for her to take on Jennifer Lopez's judging role.

So what do you think about Diddy possibly being in the 'AI' family? Are you familiar with his MTV reality show, Making The Band? Let's just say he's pretty strict and MIGHT make the singers walk far for some awesome cheesecake!

We think Nick Jonas, Miley Cyrus, or Adam Lambert would be a better fit, but hey, that's just us!

Let us know what you think!

Should Diddy be the new judge?
No way! There's better options out there...33 (76.7%)
Yes! He'd be a perfect judge!10 (23.3%)

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