Miley Cyrus Short Hair Cut: Miley Chops Hair, Shares Pixie Hairstyle Pics on Twitter

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Miley Cyrus' new short hairstyle... love it or hate it? Miley Cyrus chopped her hair off! Miley took to Twitter to share her new hairstyle--a half-shaved pixie cut!

RIP, Miley's bun!

Miley showed off her punky new chopped hair yesterday and fan reactions were mixed.

Some loved the super short 'do, that's cut uber close on the sides, but longer on top, while others weren't happy with Miley taking her hair that short.

Here's the kooky thing--didn't Miley just get a new haircut, like, last week? She took her hair shorter and blonder and we were loving it.

Miley looks super cute with her new hairstyle--hey, every girl needs a change once in awhile. Maybe the haters just need a little time to adjust to the drastic cut?

One thing's for sure. Miley can no longer pile her hair on top of her head in a bun!

Things kicked off when Miley's hairstylist, Chris McMillan, posted a pic of him ready to cut off the bun.

She must have taken some heat for the pic, as Miley tweeted: "if you don't have something nice to say don't say anything at all. my hair is attached to my head no one else's and it's going bye bye :)"

Miley is happy with the results too, tweeting: "Never felt more me in my whole life. most successful Sally day EVER! I feel pretty ohhhh so pretty and gayyyy."

She added, "feeling so happy in my skin."

For all those haters, she tweeted: "my dad @billyraycyrus used to tell me "opinions are are like ass holes every body has one" LOVE my hair. feel so happy, pretty, and free"

It's the bomb: Check out some hilarious photobombs and vote for your faves right here!




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