'Pitch Perfect': Meet Skylar Astin...Beca's Love Interest! (EXCLUSIVE)

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Not only did we hang out with the hilarious actor/comedian Adam DeVine on the set of the highly anticipated, Glee-like movie, Pitch Perfect but we met up with cutie Skylar Astin too!

A little more serious than Adam, Skylar told us all about his Pitch Perfect character Jesse... Beca's (Anna Kendrick's!) love interest.

"He inspires her to open up a little bit more!" he told us.

Jesse's also in the same singing group, The Treblemakers, as Adam's character Bumper.

Adam told us that his favorite song from the movie to sing is Rihanna's "Please Don't Stop The Music." What's Skylar's favorite song to perform?

"We're doing the regionals dance right now which is "Right Round", the Flo-Rida version, and I get to rap, which is really cool!"

Watch the rest of our interview with Skylar in the video above!

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