ParaNorman's Christopher "McLovin" Minze-Plasse Shares Movie's Anti-Bullying Message!

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The actor fills us in on why this movie has an unexpected message! Ghosts, zombies and a kid that can see them all isn't the only freaky thing about the new animated movie ParaNorman hitting theaters on Friday, August 17th.

How about Christopher Minze-Plasse who we are used to seeing as an outcast (remember McLovin in Superbad?) is voicing the role of a bully named Alvin?

Christopher told Cambio that he wants to spread an anti-bullying message and make sure everyone knows that "it's great to be an individual."

A great example why bullying is bad?

In the movie, when Alvin bullies Norman, he prevents Norman from stopping a curse that brings on a zombie attack!


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