Wisconsin Teen Crowned Fastest Texter in America...Again!

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It might not be an Olympic event (YET!) but texting has become a sport of its own among everyone these days... especially teens.

Austin Wierschke, a 17-year-old teen from Wisconsin, just snagged the Fastest Texter in America title for the second year in a row!

The competitors had to text a 149-character message with capitalization, punctuation, and other symbols. Austin did it in just 39 seconds and won!

Austin's strategy? "Obviously I text a lot, I text my friends, I text my family. As I'm riding passenger in the car, I text street signs as we're driving by. I text anything with words or symbols on it," he reveals.

Not only does he get to compete in the global texting championship now, but he also receives $50,000 for winning America's title!

Who says playing physical sports is the only way to win big these days?

So, do you think you can beat him?

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