Joe Jonas: Taylor Swift 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' "Not About Me"

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If you think Taylor Swift's We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together is about Joe Jonas ... think again.

So says Joe, who confirms that Taylor's new breakup song is "not about me."

During a radio interview with The Tommy Show, Joe was asked if Taylor's song is about him.

No dice.

"Um... well, I can say it's not about me."

By now we all know the drill--Taylor writes songs about her past relationships. It's also part of the fun trying to figure out who she's dishing dirt on.

In this case, however, it's not Joe.

Take a listen to Joe's interview, where he says, "I don't think we've ever tried [to get back together] another time, so I can tell you it's not about me."

He added, "That said, I think the song is great. Taylor does pop music really well and I'm happy for her."

The two even still keep in touch "as much as we can," but Joe explains, "I haven't really spoken to her recently, but I was able to go to her concert last year, and her show live is so phenomenal."

So just who is We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together about? Jake Gyllenhaal, Chord Overstreet, John Mayer?

Check out Taylor's lyric video for We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together below--so cute!

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