Movie Trailer Madness: Robert Pattinson's New Flick!...and Some Others Too

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What new movies come out this weekend? This week in theaters we have The Expendables 2 (a sequel with geezers and washed-out actors!), ParaNorman 3D (an animated movie about a kid who can see ghosts) and Cosmopolis (where Robert Pattinson basically acts out his real-life)...but because he's him, that one is definitely our pick of the week!

Get a sneak peak of the new flicks in the video above. And let us know which one you think looks the best!

Which movie will you go see?
The Expendables 27 (17.1%)
ParaNorman2 (4.9%)
Cosmopolis23 (56.1%)
I'll probably see something else.9 (22.0%)

It's the bomb: Check out some hilarious photobombs and vote for your faves right here!

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