'The Inbetweeners' Cast Tell You How To (NOT) Survive High School! (EXCLUSIVE!)

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And tell you why you shouldn't wear sweatpants!

Most shows on TV these days don't portray real high school life. Not everyone is popular, not everyone is smart and not everyone dates the hottest person in school.

MTV's new show, The Inbetweeners focuses on REAL high school situations, like getting turned down by the hottest person in school, not being popular at all and doing everything that's possibly embarrassing.

We recently met up with the cast of the show and they gave us tips on how to survive high school and honestly, they almost made us pee our pants.

"Don't talk to anyone, avoid talking, avoid class, avoid going to the bathroom in public...pretty much if you can, skip high school...If you fart, be super proud! Be like, "that's me!" said Zack Pearlman.

Hahaha! Check out all of the funny-ness and get to know the show in the video above! And don't forget to watch the guys in The Inbetweeners when it premieres on MTV tonight at 10:30 ET!

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