We Have a Winner for Do the Craze No. 1!

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Do the Craze kicked off with an awesome start, thanks to the first craze, The Mispronounciation Manual. See who won $1000!

Do the Craze kicked off with an awesome start, thanks to the first craze, The Mispronounciation Manual, which highlighted commonly mispronounced words and phrases that have taken on a life of their own. It was such a hit that we had a really hard time picking a winner. Seriously. In the end, though, one sassy user won us over, but before we reveal who scored the sweet $1,000 prize, we want to give some love to a few of the stand-out finalists.

Jason CC had us cracking up with his 'Don't Take It for Granite' exchange (so many good ones!), and Awkwardadolescents' 'Say What?!?!' vid offered five back-to-back mispronunciations delivered with epic comedic timing.

Meanwhile, Mionicman sent in a clip called 'My Family Talks Funny,' in which she sported costumes to run down a list of things her mom and grandma say incorrectly. Of course, we can't forget Leavellebrett, whose 'Cambio' video really put a, well, unique spin on our website name.

But, while there were plenty of memorable submissions, it was user XTina's short-but-sweet entry that landed the big payoff. Her 'XTina's Take' video offered a play on "egg roll" as "hey girl" that was both genius and hilarious. Congrats, Missschristina!

Check out iJustine giving a shout out to all the Mispronounciation Manual participants here, and watch how Missschristina (above) reacted when she heard the good news.

There are still plenty of prizes to be won, though, so keep the crazes coming. In fact, Craze No. 2 is already underway and it's all about photobombing. So grab a friend, get creative and start snapping! Let's see what you've got, Crazers!

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