Kenneth Schmidt Spills About His New Single "Micro-Macro" Featuring Kendall, Plus Lyrics! (EXCLUSIVE!)

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And Kenneth answers your questions too! Kenneth Schmidt

Big Time Rush
star Kendall Schmidt isn't the only one in his family with some talent!

Kendall's older brothers are talented too! Kevin Schmidt is an actor and was in Cheaper By The Dozen and the oldest of the bunch, Kenneth, is a singer like Kendall!

We recently talked to Kendall's older bro Kenneth about his newest single "Micro-Macro," which was actually recorded with Kendall before he was in BTR! Kenneth also answered some of your guys' questions too!

Cambio: What is the biggest prank you have pulled on Kendall?

Kenneth: I don't remember pulling many pranks on him, but we would often team up to pull them on other people. One of our favorite pranks to do was one in which I would pull a suitcase on the sidewalk and Kendall would be inside the suitcase. Then, as we would pass someone on the sidewalk, I would cough and Kendall would jump out of the suitcase and run down the sidewalk. I would then run after him yelling at him to get back in the suitcase. The look on peoples' faces was hilarious.

C: How do you get along with the other members of the band (BTR)?

K: We get along well. I've known them all for a while now and I knew Logan, oddly enough, before he booked Big Time Rush.

C: What's one advantage of having a famous bro?

K: Getting to hear him talk about his awesome fans.

C: Whose idea was it to have Kendall sing backup on your song?

K: I asked Kendall to sing the song with me one day. We thought we sounded good together so I asked if he would sing backup with me when I eventually recorded the song.

C: What were you like in high school?

K: Unashamedly I'll admit... I was a computer nerd.

C: What was Kendall like growing up?

K: Happy, fun, energetic, and he would always sing when he was in the car.

C: Who's on your iPod?

K: Big Time Rush, Deadmau5, and Yo-Yo Ma

C: What's the meaning behind your new single?

K: To me, Micro Macro is about a change of perspective and discovering and realizing the world around us. It's about what's happening today and where we should be going.

Listen to a sneak peak of Kenneth's new single below and purchase the full version of "Micro Macro" here!

"Micro Macro" Lyrics

Way up there we're simple and small
Down here we're complex and tall
Belief is it all
What's right to one is wrong
So I'll agree to get along
Before we're all gone

Everyone's so blind
No one seems to mind
Nothing but time
Living in a micro space
Traveling at a hectic pace
There's really no race

People die of hunger
but no one seems to wonder
what happens to them
the world says get tougher
well no one chooses to suffer
something's not right

Everyone's so blind
No one seems to mind
Nothing but time Living in a micro space
Traveling at a hectic pace
There's really no race

It's time that we stood up
And got rid of the corruption
Because we've had enough
They've turned us against each other
Everyone's scared of their brother
They disguised the fact that we are all one and that

No one has to be blind
And everyone should mind
It's the perfect time
We're living in a macro space
We're traveling at a peaceful pace
The illusion was the race


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