Are Niall Horan and Debby Ryan Dating?

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So is Niall Horan dating Demi Lovato or...Debby Ryan?!

There are rumors going around that the One Direction hottie is dating actress Debby Ryan. But there's one problem...

Debby recently told Ryan Seacrest that they aren't dating and that she's never even met Niall!

"That's the rumor...I've never met Niall. I actually don't know much about him other than he's in that band. I think there could be worse rumors, but I'm not dating him."

It's probably a good thing she's not linked to him... He tweeted Demi Lovato a "birthday" wish the other day and fans went crazy. Not only did they make a horrible hash tag trend dissing Demi but they tweeted in anger and jealousy too!

Do you think Debby and Niall make a cute couple? How about Niall and Demi? Let us know!

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