'American Idol''s Haley Reinhart Confesses She Would Have Been 'More Nervous' If Mariah Carey Was a Judge Her Season!

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Haley thinks she might have froze up if she had to perform for the star! Haley Reinhart came in an impressive third place on season ten of American Idol despite having the nerve wracking job of performing week after week for her legendary judge's panel that included of Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson.

That's huge but Haley is relieved she didn't have the newest judge--Mariah Carey--deciding her fate.


Haley is a huge fan of Mariah and looks up to her so much that it would have made her very nervous week after week.

But Haley thinks that Mariah is a perfect addition to the show.

"It's a beautiful moment," she told us on the red carpet of the Do Something Awards. "As far as divas and voices go--she takes the cake!"

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