Jay-Z's Writing Music For Willow Smith's 'Annie' Movie Remake!

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It pretty much always pays off to have popular parents...especially ones who are friends with Jay-Z!

Not only did Jay-Z sign Will Smith's daughter, Willow, to his record label after hearing her hit song "Whip My Hair," but he's also helping him write songs for and co-producing her latest project in Annie.

Willow Smith is the lead actress in an upcoming movie-musical Annie remake co-produced by her dad and Jay-Z.

Jay-Z is the film's musical director and will write all of the new songs for the show! But don't worry, not all of the songs will be fresh...the flick will still include some of the classic 1982 Annie tunes!

Film production starts next spring and will take place in New York City.

We totally can't wait to check that one out, you know it's going to be a smash! Just check out what Jay-Z did a few years ago with "Hard Knock Life" below! Catchy, right?!

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