Jennifer Lawrence's Cute, New Friend Goes to Atlanta with Her to Film "Catching Fire"

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Jennifer LawrenceWho is she taking along with her? Find out here! Jennifer Lawrence's new, favorite accessory is...her adorable kitten!

The Hunger Games star was recently seen arriving at LAX with a cute bag in tow. While checking in for a flight to Atlanta, to start shooting the 'Games' sequel Catching Fire, it became clear that she wasn't carrying any ordinary bag! In the fashionable carry-on was a furry, little kitty!


We totally get why Jennifer is taking her cat along for the job, she's probably going to be out there filming for quite awhile. Catching Fire isn't set to hit theaters until November 22, 2013!

In other Hunger Games news, we finally know who is going to play Finnick in the second here to find out!


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