'Make It or Break It' Star Cassie Scerbo 'Missed Her Leotard for the First Time' Watching the Olympics

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It's only been three months since the very last episode of Make It or Break It aired--and star Cassie Scerbo was still emotional talking to Cambio about the end of her beloved show on the red carpet of the Do Something Awards.

Cassie was also so proud of the gold medals the US gymnastics team--AKA the "Fierce Five"-- took home at the Olympics because she really could relate to them.

"I admire them so much more," she said. "I really had to jump into those shoes [on Make It or Break It]."

While starring on the hit show about the competitive world of gymnastics, Cassie really understood what it took to go all the way the Olympics.

"I researched a lot about gymnastics and what they go through," she said. "They don't have normal lives. They have to train constantly and eat differently."

But the one emotion that Cassie was surprised she felt while watching the London games?

"Sad!" she laughs. "I was like, 'Why am I not there?' It was the first time ever that I missed my leotard!"

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