The Wanted on GMA: Watch The Wanted Good Morning America Performance

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Watch The Wanted on GMA in these video clips from this morning's performance.

The Wanted guys also chatted about their new album and answered fan questions.

What do they like most about the U.S.? Food portion sizes rates high, go figure!

When asked who should win the MTV Video Music Awards, the crowd, of course, was Team The Wanted (as were they).

Check out the Good Morning America Backstage Pass with The Wanted video, where they answer more questions (which cartoon character would they be, favorite movie of all time, and more!).

Watch The Wanted on GMA in these video clips, singing Chasing the Sun, Glad You Came, and Lightning.

After the performance, The Wanted tweeted: "Thank you @GMA and NYC for getting up early and partying with us... amazing"

The Wanted also gifted fans with a special concert at JFK airport recently -- check out the footage above.

It's the bomb: Check out some hilarious photobombs and vote for your faves right here!

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