Last Day to Enter: Get Your Photobomb On Before It's Too Late!

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Okay, Crazers. We've seen some ah-mazing photobombing submissions, but we are still dying to see more and there are only three days left to do it. What's in it for you? One. Thousand. Dollars.

That's right, all you have to do is submit a sweet photobombing pic here, and you're automatically eligible to win the cool cash. Winners will be picked based on creativity, popularity and our judges' expert judging skills, obviously.

So far, we're loving this graduation photo submitted by bradkennedy93, and what this mime did to these unsuspecting happy friends in aahf5041's pic. Think you can top those?

A little Photobombing 101: Have your friend snap a pic and then step into the frame when the subjects least expect it. Weird faces and funny gestures will make the photo more unforgettable, so get creative! But keep it clean, mkay?

The deadline for Craze No. 2 is on Friday, August 31, so team up with your BFFs and get crackin'! We want to see all of your handy work here. If you've already submitted your photobombing pic, spread the word! You still have time to get more likes, which will really get our judges' attention. Good luck!

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