Kim Kardashian Tweets Another Sexy Bra Pic...Are You Over Her Oversharing?

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Kim Kardashian Bra PicOh and she's getting a NEW $150,000 car too! We love Kim Kardashian but seriously the girl is Twit pic crazy!

Kim tweeted a sexy pic of herself last night, in nothing but a nude bra and a pearl necklace. She looks gorgeous but does anyone but Kanye West really care?

We all know Kim's hot and we've pretty much all have seen her nakey already... so what's with the sexy photo sharing obsession? Does she loves herself that much? Or does she think it makes our days better seeing her half naked? Either way, we're over it.

Peep Kim's new pic from a photo shoot in the video above. And notice the fur coat she's ready for another PETA flour bomb Ki-Ki!

We aren't the only ones who have noticed Kim's numerous Twitter pics! In a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kourtney Kardashian picked Khloe over Kim as Mason's guardian. She used Kim's Twitter and Instagram obsession as a reason why Khloe was picked over her.


And even though she tweets pics of herself nonstop, something she's doing must be paying off! Check out the deets of Kim's new awesome, $150,000 car in the second video above! She's getting it before anyone else! Baller!

Do you think Kim K. over shares on Twitter? Are you over seeing her hottness everywhere? Let us know!



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