Miley Cyrus Backless Shirt: Hot or Not? Vote Now!

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Miley Cyrus is back with another fashion question mark--the backless shirt.

Hot or not?

Miley gets her fair share of criticism no matter what she's wearing, so it's no surprise that plenty of people are hating on her choice of a backless shirt.

From the front, it looks like a pretty unassuming t-shirt--but from the back? Ba-da-bing! A huge gaping hole.

Is Miley just showing off some skin? Did she go for comfort and the breathability on her back (hey, it's gotta let a cool breeze in, right?).

Did Miley completely miss the fashion mark? We want to know what you think--vote in our poll below!

Do you like Miley's backless shirt?
Hot.97 (49.2%)
Not.56 (28.4%)
It's alright.44 (22.3%)

It's the bomb: Check out some hilarious photobombs and vote for your faves right here!

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