Pink's Sheer Dress for New Music Video: Hot or Not?

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Pink wears a teal see-through dress for her new video. Love it or hate it? When it comes to Pink, she makes some unique fashion choices... but we love her style!

We're not sure every celeb could get away with some of the things she pulls off, but Pink manages to make everything look good.

Case in point--this crazy sheer dress she was spotted wearing on the set of her new music video.

Pink rocks the sheer dress like nobody's business, wearing coordinating bra/underwear underneath, with a chunk of her hair dyed teal to match.


Best of all? Pink was seen with her adorable one-year-old Willow on her hip!

Okay, your turn to weigh in. Love it or hate it?

What do you think of Pink's see through dress?
Hot!34 (63.0%)
Not hot.20 (37.0%)

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