Getting to Know Hedley--Inside Out

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We can't get Hedley's new single 'Kiss You Inside Out' out of our heads!

We can't get Hedley out of our heads!

Trust us. Once you check out the Canadian pop-punk quartet's awesome new single 'Kiss You Inside Out,' you'll stop hearing 'Call Me Maybe' in your sleep, too.

Band members Jacob Hoggard (who once made it to the Top 3 of Canadian Idol) and Dave Rosin took a quick break from touring and winning Canada's JUNO award for Best Pop Album to stop by Cambio's offices and chat.

Here, five things you need to know about Hedley:

5) The best thing about their '2012 Shipwrecked' tour:

Jacob: Probably getting the opportunity to play at Trafalgar Square [in London]. I climbed into the Queen's fountain and jumped in on the last song. A royal guard came and said they were going to pull the plug on the whole festival.
Dave: I'm on stage playing away, and the next thing I see is Jake jump the barricade, make his way through the crowd, and the next thing you know he was up on the thing....

4) The biggest trouble-maker on tour:

Jacob: I garner the most negative attention in terms of, "Hey, that was one too many fire extinguishers you stole." You've got to pick your battles--they have to be worth it.

3) The most meaningful place they've traveled:

Dave: We went to India with this group called Free the Children. It was so cool because we were there working on a medical facility that our fans are actually helping us build. We showed up to the spot looking to start building, but when we got there there were some adults and kids living in a desperate way in need of attention. So we dropped everything and got the first-aid kits.
Jacob: It was a bit of an emergency situation, and it was very intense for us to actually go through. It was so eye-opening, and it gives you this cross-section of reality that we are not exposed to in our day-to-day '1st world' lives, and it really trivializes a lot of what we consider to be an issue. It's a really healthy perspective.

2) The 5-year plan:

Dave: More records and more touring. Every record is different for us, and we're always learning something new and I think that's something that we really get enjoyment out of.
Jacob: I see myself like 150 pounds overweight, a giant beard, and an ice cream truck driver. But wearing the same clothes I'm wearing right now. I'd play Carly Rae Jepsen [in my ice cream truck]. She's from Vancouver so we know her, and she's a sweet girl. We've known her for a long time.

1) What about Justin Bieber?

Jacob: Do you want to hear our Bieber story? I gave his mom a concussion six years ago...

'Bieber's Mom's Bump on the Head' will be posting shortly!


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