Miley Cyrus Tweets About How Rich She Is...Unclassy or Cool?

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Miley CyrusIs it cool for stars to brag about their funds? We know you have it all but is there really a need to brag about your fortune Miley Cyrus?!

Well that's exactly what the singer/actress did!

Miley went to her Twitter earlier this week to not only tweet her love for rapper Wiz Khalifa but also Paris, France...oh and she bragged about being super rich too.

Miley's made mad bank over the past several of years with her movies, music, clothing line, etc., so everyone just thought she was bragging about her goodies with the tweet! But that might not be the case! The words she used in the tweet our from Wiz's hit song, "Work Hard, Play Hard." We're sure Miley will say she just likes the lyrics, but wait, don't you usually like lyrics because you can relate to them? Hmmm!

We call...bragger!

But, we still love us some Miley no matter what and still can't wait for that wedding.

Do you think her money tweet was a little too much? Do you think it's lame when stars brag about their money? Let us know!


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