Randy Jackson Officially Out as 'American Idol' Judge! Was This a Good Move?

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There are now two empty spots to fill at the judges' table There's been lots of speculation but it's finally been confirmed.

Our dawg Randy Jackson is definitely leaving the judges' table on American Idol after ten seasons!

Now, he's not leaving the show completely.

According to TMZ, he'll be on the show as a mentor.

So who will be sitting next to Mariah Carey, the only confirmed judge so far?

Well, as we told you earlier this week, it won't be Miley Cyrus and it's not looking good for Nick Jonas either. We were so rooting for him to get that gig too!

Apparently both Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban and thisclose to signing deals.

Are you happy with all this news?

Will You Watch American Idol This Season?
Yes - I'm excited to see how the new judges change the show27 (25.7%)
No - I'm not feeling the new judges at all78 (74.3%)

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