Could Robert Pattinson Be Moving Back to London . . . For Good?

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Heartbroken Rob may try to make a fresh start back home Poor Robert Pattinson.

The star already has the home in Los Angeles that he shared with Kristen Stewart on the market because living there held too many memories and he wanted a fresh start.

But is that fresh start outside of the United States?

Well, sources say that Rob only lived in LA to be with Kristen.

And now that he and Kristen are split for good, Rob is feeling a little homesick for London and may be looking to make a move across the pond.

What would the US be like without RPattz sightings??

Do You Think Rob Should Move to London?
Yes - He deserves a fresh start!197 (71.6%)
No - He belongs in America!78 (28.4%)

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