Kim Kardashian Settles Old Navy Look-alike Model Lawsuit: Did Reggie Bush Have Anything To Do With the Whole Thing?

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More cha-ching for Kim! Kim Kardashian and her drama! She just settled a year long lawsuit with Old Navy!

Old Navy released a commercial with a Kim K. look-alike
and confused many because the girl really did look like Kim.

Ki-Ki and her peeps obviously didn't like the whole ordeal, thinking the store was trying to cash in on her celebrity without her getting any funds for it, so she sued the heck out of them. And recently, there was finally a settlement that has left Kim even more loaded than before.

Although the amount of the lawsuit settlement hasn't been released, she was asking for $20 million in damages but settled for less.

It probably would've been cheaper for Old Navy to just ask her to endorse their product!

Do you think Kim went overboard with filing a lawsuit against the store? Or do you think Old Navy was sneaky in finding a Kim look-alike model?

You might side with Kim until you know that the model in the commercial, Melissa Molinaro, is dating Kim's ex, Reggie Bush.


Know that Reggie reportedly didn't start dating Melissa until the commercial was on TV though. Hmmm, perhaps he did it to get back at Kim?!

Let us know what you think!

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