One Direction Lawsuit Nightmare Over! They Get to Keep Their Name!

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Would 1D be the same if they were called anything else?

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Can you imagine if One Direction, after all their success, had to change their name now?

It almost happened.

An unsigned, American band also called One Direction sued the British One Direction back in April.

They claimed they had the name One Direction first.

The American One Direction asked for a million dollars and a share of the British band's royalties if they didn't change their name.

Our British boys sued back, claiming that the American 1D was trying to mooch off their success.

Well, not to worry, the two bands settled this dispute today and British One Direction gets to keep their name while the American One Direction will now go by Unchartered Shores!

Close call but good news for our British boys!

Are You Glad One Direction Gets to Keep Their Name?
Yes! Wouldn't be the same otherwise!218 (72.7%)
No! I never really liked it12 (4.0%)
Wouldn't have made a difference to me either way70 (23.3%)

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