Which Celebs Had the Best Summer? It's This Singer's "B-Day" Today...Guess Who! (CLICKWORTHY!)

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And what's wrong with John Mayer?! Miley CyrusWhich celebs had the best summer?! Hmm, let's see: One Direction played at the Olympics, Miley Cyrus got engaged...find out more here! [TEEN]

Happy birthday Beyonce! How old is she? Find out here! [TEEN]

Uh oh! There's bad news for John Mayer...perhaps karma is hitting him from dumping Katy Perry?! [AOL Music]

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Selena Gomez has arrived in Italy! Find out why and if Bieber's there too...HERE! [JustJared]

Whoa! What's up with Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg's, creepy stalker drama? [TMZ]

Get the latest back-to-school fashion tips HERE! [TeenVogue]

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Ronnie from Jersey Shore says he met the girl of his dreams...is he talking about Sammi?! [WetPaint]

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