Emma Watson Says Public Photos Ruin Dating Life

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Emma Watson is gorgeous, talented and famous...so what else does the girl need to snag a man?! Well apparently, all of those things, mostly her fame, are costly when it comes to staying in a relationship!

In a recent interview with Glamour Magazine , Emma admitted that public photos of her don't help her much in the dating department because every guy she hangs with is automatically labeled as her boyfriend by the media.

Ha! We can totally see her point! Not only does the extensive coverage of her make it look like she has tons of boyfriends but you know it has to be a total turn-off for some dudes too!

It's all good though, Emma has a boyfriend anyway! She's been dating Will Adamowicz for quite awhile now.

Check out the rest of Emma's interview where she talks style, dating, and life after Harry Potter here!

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