Did Rihanna Diss Drake at the VMAs? See For Yourself!

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Rihanna at the 2012 VMAsAnd the Rihanna drama continues! The 2012 MTV Video Music Awards were a smash like always but it didn't go down with abosolutely no drama at all!

Host Kevin Hart cleared the "white elephant" as soon as the show started, bringing up the whole Drake and Chris Brown fight that occurred a few months ago.

The crowd and everyone involved laughed it off but one person showed, later in the show, that there's still beef between all the parties invovled in the altercation.

Rihanna, who won the award for Video of the Year, completely ignored and refused to acknowledge Drake and his posse's win for Best Hip-Hop Video.

You thought Ri and Drake were friends right? So did we (with the whole "Take Care" duet and all) but Rihanna is supposedly siding with Chris Brown throughout this whole thing.

So, when Drake and Ri were seated awkwardly close to one another at the show, she completely turned her head whenever he was announced as an award winner. Not only did she look the other way, she didn't clap at all either.


TMZ has also brought up the fact that if you zoom in on Rihanna's mouth once Drake is announced as the winner, you can see her say something to her friend like "I hate these a**holes."


Is Rihanna just rude or was the snub done on purpose? Do you think she called Drake and his peeps a-holes?

Check it all out in the video below and let us know what you think by taking the polls!

Did Rihanna intentionally diss Drake?
YES! It's so obvious she's ignoring him on purpose!434 (67.7%)
No, I don't think she did.84 (13.1%)
Hmmm, I'm not sure!123 (19.2%)

Did Rihanna call Drake and his friends "a**holes?"
Yes! You can cleary see that's what she's saying!322 (57.3%)
No! How can you tell what she's saying?!71 (12.6%)
I'm not sure!89 (15.8%)
Who cares people?!80 (14.2%)

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