Taylor Swift VMAs 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together': Love or Hate It?

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What did you think of Taylor Swift's 2012 VMAs performance of WANEGBT? Watch Taylor Swift (below) at the 2012 VMAs, singing We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together in this Video Music Awards clip.

Taylor had the honor of closing out the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards, performing WANEGBT for the first time.

She wore her signature red, but mixed it up a bit--rather than a red dress, Taylor was playful in a red and white striped shirt and black shorts, with hair pulled back in a ponytail.

In other words... she was adorable.

She pranced around the stage while singing about never getting back together with someone--and speculation is that WANEGBT is about Jake Gyllenhaal.

While it hasn't been confirmed who We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together is about, Taylor's ex, Taylor Lautner, was in the audience at the VMAs, so the cameras were sure to get his reaction shot.

Turns out Lautner kept a straight face--he's off the hook on this one, we do believe!

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