Watch Kristen Stewart on the Red Carpet for First Time Since the Big Break Up

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A smiling KStew talks about her new movie On the Road While Robert Pattinson was living it up at the MTV Video Music Awards last night in Los Angeles, Kristen Stewart was all the way on the other side of the continent promoting her new movie On the Road that the Toronto Film Festival.

It was Kristen's very first major public appearance and first stint on the red carpet since her break-up with Rob earlier this summer.

So, how did she do?

If you watch the video above, then you can see that Kristen was smiling wide and looking really happy.

"I black out a little when I show up at places like this," she admitted. "I feel so welcome."

Kristen went on to gush about how much being a part of On the Road means to her.

"I'm so proud of this movie, I couldn't stand taller," she said. "Everyone who cares about the [On the Road] book has been waiting forever to see it."

How do you think Kristen looked? Will you see On the Road?

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