Best of the Web: So You Think Your Baby Can Dance?

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Get ready to smile!

Can you remember the first time you heard music?! Well, this video might bring back some memories not to mention it's super cute too!

The little baby twins in the video totally know how to rock out when they hear the guitar.

It's so cute because you can tell they have a musical upbringing! When they hear the first chord, the twins look at each other like they know what's coming next. The girls break out into what feels like a timed dance to the beat of the song. How cute!

The sheer joy that radiates from the kids and this video will make anyone happy.

One commenter points out to the 500 people (out of 50,000 votes) who didn't like this video that they must not have a soul. This week the video jumped from 3,000 views to over 5 million and I'm sure at least 1,000 of those are from us alone.

What do you think?!

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