Demi Lovato and Niall Horan Not Dating, Demi Says "Niall's My Friend"

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How many times does Demi Lovato have to shoot down the Niall Horan dating rumors? For the last time, Demi Lovato and Niall Horan dating rumors are false!

Well, we know that, but Demi has to keep answering questions about Niall and whether or not they're a couple.

She's the sweetest though, and keeps giving the "we're just friends" line, despite the fact that she must be sick of being asked about Niall all the time.

Demi and Niall stirred up the rumors again recently when they went out for a post VMAs date, making people wonder all over if Niall and Demi were really a couple.

She told E! News, "There is nothing going on. Niall's my friend," adding, "I'm really happy for One Direction and the success that they've had. It just goes to show you how crazy this competition is to making stars and the success that they have."

While Demi says, "He's a good friend of mine," she adds, "I'm just focusing on my work right now, and that's pretty much that."

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