Justin Bieber: Ryan Seacrest Interview Reveals Justin Was a Troublemaker in School

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Watch: Justin Bieber talks with Ryan Seacrest in a new interview. It's hard to believe that squeaky clean Justin Bieber was ever a problem child, but in a new interview with Ryan Seacrest, he shares how he wasn't quite the model student.

Justin's mom, Pattie, joined in on the interview to talk about how he wasn't the easiest kid.

Can you believe it?

Of his mom, Justin said, "There were so many struggles that she had to go through to be able to raise me, as an 18-year-old girl. So I give my mom... you know, kudos to you, Mom... because I was not easy."

Justin said, "I was not easy," with mom adding, "No, you were not easy."

He explained, "I got suspended from school, like every year."

Pattie said, "You know, I had a teacher tell me that -- she's like, 'I have 30 students and one. When he's good, the whole class is good. And when he's bad, the whole class is bad.' So we pulled him aside, and we said, 'You're a leader.' And he said, 'I'm a leader.'"

It sounds like Justin wasn't so much of a bad kid as just an attention seeker (makes sense, given he's a performer), as he explains, "The first day of school, in 1st grade, I started making armpit fart noises in class."

Watch the full Justin Bieber interview on Today and Rock Center with Brian Williams on Thursday, September 13.

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