Meet the Cast of MTV's 'Underemployed' and Find Out Who in the Cast Had the Dirtiest First Job!

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Get to know the cast of this awesome new show We're so excited about MTV's next big scripted show called Underemployed. As co-star Inbar Levi describes, "It's about five college grads armed with ambition and dreams and boom--smashed down by reality."

Cambio caught up with some of the cast to get the scoop on what to expect from the characters--and what career hardships they had to face before getting cast on this new show!

Jared Kusnitz plays an environmental design major "that just wants to make the world a better place," he explains. "You'll find him standing on corner asking for five minutes of your time."

Inbar and Jared's characters actually date--and you'll find out a lot more about them, with a big twist, in episode one.

Michelle Ang plays Sophia Swanson who she describes as "almost cool but not quite."

And Sarah Habel plays Daphne Glover who is "in advertising and stuck with an unpaid internship longer than she wants . . ."

So while these guys play characters struggling with their jobs and career--we couldn't resist finding out what the worst job that they ever had was too.

Inbar worked at a restaurant but her boss made it a nightmare. "He made me clean restrooms on my hands and knees and as I scrubbed the toilets and he would watch me!"

And Sarah had a messy experience while waitressing at a French restaurant. "A French lady was rudely changing her baby at the table and handed me the diaper when she was done! It was wet, heavy and warm in my hand!"

Gross! What's the worst job experience that YOU'VE ever had?

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