The Cast of 'Awkward' Reveals Their Best Pranks, Biggest Fears and What Makes Them Cool!

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Cambio was on the red carpet with the entire cast of Awkward--minus Brett Davern--and what went down was nothing short of hilarious.

Beau Mirchoff cut right to the chase with one very important demand--change Cambio to CamBEAU. Sure it has a nice ring to it but nice try . . .

And then the cast revealed to us some of their dirty little secrets that make them awkward yet cool.

Andrew Schulz, who was eating away on the red carpet, bites his toenails! While Greer Grammer says, "I stay at home on Friday nights and eat food and watch Disney movies."

Joey Pollari, "really likes artsy foreign films" and his pal Zach Pearlman "plays a lot of Magic the Gathering."

Now, Nikki Glaser was a bit more, uh, honest with her reply. She admitted she had just, "changed my underwear in front of a girl I just met in the dressing room and she was talking to me about something serious."

And Ashley Rickards was cool enough to tell us that, "some people make jokes and sometimes those jokes don't always work. I am one of those people. But as long as you own the fact that it failed--it's funny."

When it came to fears, no one held back on their deepest, darkest secrets.

Kelly Sry boldly admits, "I'm a little bit afraid of cereal milk" while Jillian Rose Reed surprisingly is, "afraid to touch cotton balls."

An because Brett Davern was not in attendance, Beau had no problem letting us know a big secet about Brett. "He's actually 12-years-old!" Hmmm . . . that could explain a lot, no?

If you thought these guys have a great time together on the red carpet, wait till you hear what happens on set. It's one big prank fest.

"Beau and Brett target me with pranks," says Jillian. "They lock me in my trailer and filled my bathroom with balloons so I couldn't use it."

Ha! To find out more about how Beau leads the charge with some more amazing on-set pranks, you have to watch all of the video above!

Who from Awkward would you most want to pull a prank on YOU?

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