The Guys From 'The Inbetweeners' Want A New, Cool Guy and a Naked Woman on the Show...What?! (EXCLUSIVE!)

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Get ready to laugh! We just met up with the cast of MTV's new show, The Inbetweeners! Not only did they make us LOL but they told us about new show changes they'd love to see...and some of their ideas were epic and hilarious!

Alex Frnka told us who she'd like to see her character date while Joey Pollari and Zach Pearlman had different ideas!...

"I would like to see our characters get a new guy to the group for a week. Especially a cool guy!," said Joey.

As for Zach, "I want all of us to be confronted with a naked woman!"

Haha! We can only imagine how awesomely horrible that would be.

Check out the rest of our interview with The Inbetweeners cast above and get the latest news on the show HERE!

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