Which "The Nikki and Sara Show" Star Is Obsessed With Demi Lovato? Find Out Here! (EXCLUSIVE!)

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Nikki and Sara ShowWhich lady loves Taylor Swift too? We recently caught up with TWO hilarious chicks, Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer, from MTV's upcoming show, "The Nikki and Sara Show," where they gave deets about their new show and also told us which pop stars they're obsessed with!

"It's going to be a late-night pop culture-y talk show delivered by me and my bestie Nikki, with a lot of fast paced jokes, sketches, and celebrity interviews all in this awesome studio overlooking Times Square," Sara told us.

"It'll be hilarious, that's guaranteed!," said Nikki.

Their show will debut on MTV in January.

Expect to see some cool celebs on their show too...they admitted they're obsessed with some of our faves!

"I'm obsessed with Demi Lovato...I wasn't feeling it at first, I resisted, I just can't get enough of her though. I think her voice has soul, I had no idea she can possess. I have always been on board with Taylor Swift, I just saw her VMA performance and it almost made me cry...she can do no wrong in my eyes," admitted Nikki.

We totally know what she's talking about!

Find out which pop star Sara is obsessed with and more deets about their new show by watching our entire interview with them above!

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