Is Demi Lovato Dating Wilmer Valderrama?

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Demi Lovato has been shooting down Niall Horan dating rumors, but what about ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama?

Demi and Wilmer were spotted out on a dinner date on Sunday in Los Angeles, fueling rumors that the couple have gotten back together.

Last week, after the VMAs, Demi and Niall went out to eat together--leading many to believe they are dating.

So, who is Demi dating?

While she hasn't answered any questions specifically about Wilmer, when she was asked about Niall by E! News, she said, "There is nothing going on. Niall's my friend."

She added, "I'm just focusing on my work right now, and that's pretty much that."

That sounds like Demi and Wilmer aren't together either--maybe (call us crazy) they were just eating a dinner as friends?

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