Justin Bieber Pushes Paparazzi in London: Should He Have Done It?

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Justin Bieber vs. paparazzi again! Who won?

Uh-oh. Justin Bieber had to get rough with paparazzi in London!

With Justin, one thing's for sure--wherever he shows up, he's mobbed by fans and paparazzi.

The fans, he can deal with. The paparazzi can be a major pain, however.

Justin, who is in London, was so annoyed by the prying photographers, he started to push and shove them out of his way.

Eyewitnesses claim that Justin was "actually grabbing paparazzi by their collars and literally throwing them out of the way. One photog was being pushed away by Bieber into the second paparazzi..."

Who knew Justin had it in him?

Paparazzi should definitely have some limits, don't you think?

Justin adores his fans and the excitement they bring, however, as he tweeted: "I LOVE PANDEMONIUM!! I LOVE MY FANS!! I LOVE MY BELIEBERS! #BOOKSIGNING :)

In an interview with Ryan Seacrest on the Today show, Justin spoke about the paparazzi, calling them "so annoying."

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