The Cast of 'Glee' Spills on Season 4's Newbies, Hookups and More! (Exclusive!)

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Were the new kids on Glee initiated into the gang? We met up with the cast of Glee - old and new - at last night's red carpet Season 4 premiere at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles. Even Kate Hudson was there!

Lea Michele, looking absolutely gorge in a slim black gown, gushed about the new sets and locations in NYC, saying it's been her "favorite year so far."

But what about the kids who are still at McKinley High? Darren Criss explains that "in high school people change," and that his character is a little "sassy" this year. We can't wait!

Newbies like Alex Newman (from The Glee Project season 1), Jacob Artist (Puck's EQUALLY hot half brother), and Becca Tobin held their own on the red carpet, claiming to have experienced no slushies in the face-YET!-from their fellow cast members.

Watch the video above to find out their ideal show hook ups and what song they're just DYING to perform!

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