Glee Season 4 Premiere: 4 Biggest Shockers

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What were the biggest surprises in the Glee season 4 premiere? Did you watch the Glee season 4 premiere?

We met the Glee season 4 cast, including the new faces (though we were missing some of our regular favorites), and we have to say the stage is set for a pretty amazing season.

We love the new characters and the interesting stories they bring, plus the episode focused on Rachel's newfound struggles in the big city.

Check out our picks for the four biggest shockers of Glee season 4 episode 1:

1. Sweet Tina got mean, you guys. And she and Mike broke up, forcing Tina to change her "Chang Forever" tattoo to "Change Forever." Come to think of it, the remaining New Directions members changed a little bit -- they were a little too high on their popularity status after winning nationals.

2. Rachel was having a waaay harder time in New York than we imagined. We knew it would be an adjustment and that she would have the dance teacher from hell, but she was majorly missing Finn and home. Good thing she got a little co-ed bathroom surprise when hot, half-naked Brody emerged from a steamy shower and befriended her. Is he boyfriend material? We know she's missing Finn, but we'll see what happens.

3. Kurt was still hanging out at McKinley High after graduation, with Sue calling him a "sad sack" (and not entirely missing the mark, either). It was obvious that hanging back in Ohio wasn't for him and we're so glad Blaine gave him his blessing to go off to the Big Apple (plus, is there nothing Blaine can't do--did you see those jump roping skillz?)

4. The new Rachel isn't who we expected, despite a "Thunderdome style" fight between Blaine, Unique, Brittany and Tina. Blaine was named the winner, but in the end, it looks like newbie Marley has slid into Rachel's spotlight. She's talented and totally adorable, right?

Other noteworthy items--Sue Sylvester is (kind of) maternal, Jake is dreamy but temperamental, kids can be cruel (don't make fun of the lunch lady, you guys), Kurt's dad is awesome, Sam and Marley are cute together, and it's not Glee unless somebody gets a slushie in the face.

In the end, Rachel poured out her heart to Kurt, who was... surprise!... just steps away from her in NYC, ready to be new roommates.


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