'Glee' Stars Lea Michele and Cory Monteith "So Happy" Dating

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Why wasn't Finn on the Glee season 4 premiere?

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Watching the Glee season 4 premiere last night, we couldn't help but be sad that there was no sign of Finn (Cory Monteith), except for his pic on Rachel's (Lea Michele) phone.

We're dying to know what's going to happen between Finchel now that he's off in the Army, but we'll (try to) wait patiently to see how things unfold.

While the relationship between Finn and Rachel may be a giant question mark right now, one thing's for sure--Lea and Cory are going strong as a couple in real life.

Love. Them.

Lea told People.com at the Glee season 4 premiere in L.A., "I love working with Cory, I always have. He really, really inspires me, and he motivates me and I think he's just so talented."

Cute overload.

She added, "Working with him has been one of the best experiences of this whole process."

Lea also commented that she's "so happy" dating Cory.

We hope these two go the distance!

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