'Married to Jonas' Episode 5: Kevin and Danielle Discover Dani's Dad's Secret

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Find out what Kevin and Danielle Jonas discover about Bucky on Married to Jonas. Watch this new Married to Jonas episode 5 video sneak peek video, where Kevin and Danielle Jonas discover Dani's dad's secret.

What is it?

We'll let Kevin explain: "When you're reviewing the security camera footage, you never know what you're going to find."

Like your father-in-law! Kevin discovers Bucky on the camera, seen cleaning their garage, laying down a sidewalk (shirtless!) and tidying up the patio.

Kevin decides they can keep Bucky working for them, so to speak, by dropping hints, then "sit back on the couch and watch the show."

Honestly, that's a pretty great father-in-law right there. So cute.

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