The Wanted Say They're Used to Losing to One Direction! Who Do You Think The Real Winners Are?

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Should The Wanted expect to always lose to 1D? First it was Backstreet Boys vs N*Sync, Hanson vs the Jonas Brothers, and now One Direction vs The Wanted...

There's always been competition and sometimes bad blood in music but when it comes to The Wanted, they're pretty happy with where they are and admit they're used to handing everything over to the guys in 1D. They did lose to them at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards!

Aww! We think they deserve to win sometimes too!

See what all The Wanted guys have to say about the One Direction competition in the video above!

Do you think 1D will always beat The Wanted? Let us know!

Which boy band deserves to win?
The Wanted!448 (45.3%)
One Direction!431 (43.6%)
Neither!20 (2.0%)
Depends what for and who does the better job!89 (9.0%)

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