Kim Kardashian Names Her New Kitten "Mercy" After Kanye West Song...Cute or a Little Crazy?

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Kim Kardashian's catCheck out Kim K's new pet! Keeping up with the...Kat?!

Kim Kardashian tweeted another picture and it actually wasn't one of herself this time!

She showed off a pic of her new furry friend, a mini Teacup Persian kitten, named Mercy.

"Mercy" just happens to be the name of Kim's boyfriend, Kanye West's, first single off his latest album. Coincidence much?

First he's changing her wardrobe and now she's naming her kitty after him? Do you think Kim is getting a little head-over-heals? Her sisters have always said, on their show, that Kim is a sucker for love!

Think about it...what happens if they break up? She'll have an adorable cat that always reminds her of unfortunate would that be!

Anyway, do you think the cat name is cute or a little crazy? Let us know by taking the poll below!

Kim's Kanye-inspired cat name is...
so cute!!1 (33.3%)
a little crazy!1 (33.3%)
lame!1 (33.3%)

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