'Married to Jonas' Episode 5 BONUS Video: Kevin Talks Priorities After Dani's Accident

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On Married to Jonas last night, Danielle was in a car accident!

In this bonus Married to Jonas video clip, Kevin Jonas goes to see just how bad the damage to the car was.

Dani wasn't hurt, thankfully, but Kevin says "She was a little shaken up... when she hit the pole, she was thrown forward a little bit. Her airbags didn't deploy."

Taking a closer look at the damage, Kevin's told that just six inches over on the impact, and Danielle might have been in the hospital for awhile.

Kevin says, "She could have been seriously hurt," adding, "With everything that's been going on, what are the priorities?"

It really was a wake-up for Kevin, as he said, "She's my number one priority, so whatever I need to do to make us the best we can be, that's now going to be my number one priority."

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