'Glee' Britney 2.0 Songs: Listen Now, Watch Full 'Hold It Against Me' Performance

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Watch the Glee 'Britney 2.0' episode videos now!

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Glee's Britney 2.0 episode is almost here and we've got all the goods!

Watch the Glee Hold It Against Me full performance video and check out the song list for the highly anticipate Britney Spears Glee season 4 episode.

Glee season 4 episode 2, 'Britney 2.0,' airs Thursday, September 21.

Britney 2.0 Song List:

Hold It Against Me--Brittany

Gimme More--Brittany

Boys/Boyfriend--Artie and Blaine

3--Tina, Sam and Joe


Crazy / (You Drive Me) Crazy--Marley and Jake

Oops! ... I Did It Again--Rachel

Womanizer--Unique, Tina and Marley

Glee season 4 episode 2 promo:

Hold It Against Me

You Drive Me Crazy/Crazy




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